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Spelling words T1upper

Term 3


Week 1-10 Writing assignment

Click here Narrative Writing Assignment 2012 for an electronic copy.

Spelling Words

Spelling words T3A_2012

Spelling words T3B_2012


Term 2


Weeks 1-5 writing reports


The Goldrush


Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

Famous Australian migrants/refugees

Rubric-Written Report

Week 6-10

Persuasive writing.


Class Novel – Term 1

Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carmen – linked to Sarah Fincher site

Click here to read a review of this book by Common Sense Media


Passwords for book one as follows

“houseofusher”, “theraven”, “pitandpendulum”, “amontillado”, “drjekyllandmrhyde”, “peterquint”, “lucywestenra”, “miltonarbogast”, and “tanginabarrons”

Author’s site


Term 2
Ghost in the Machine by Patrick Carmen


This term students have been given their words for the term and choose ten of these words and ten current content words related to topics we are studying.

The contract is as follows..

Spelling words T2upper_2012 – Spelling Lists A

Spelling words T2LOWER – Spelling Lists B

Comments on: "English" (9)

  1. what are week 4 content words send email please

  2. didnt get reading comprehension for homework this week!!!! its week 7 jemma, please send by email or how ever

  3. Miss Bulter whats a Threshold

  4. A threshold is where u cross thru 2 another place. 4 example the one in harry potter is the brick wall of platform 9 3/4.

  5. Which I did for my threshold

  6. guys what is this weeks speeding words I can’t find them I left my spelling book at school and I lost my homework book this week and found it last night please comment

  7. spelling*

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