Learning with and through technologies


What are the best conditions for yeast to be active?

We put sugar water and yeast into three bottles.  One had warm water, one had cold and the third had hot water.  Over the top of the bottle we put a balloon.  Which bottle do you think inflated the balloon?




Our NEW topic is

It’s Electrifying..come back to see more about energy and batteries…

Some of the students made a seismometer – Daniel, Aaron and Harry filmed theirs.

Here is their movie..

Earthquake Explorers.

Students  are finding out about Earthquakes – what makes them happen and the devastating results.

here they are simulating the convergent or transforming or divergent movement of tectonic plates with plasticise.

Cool sites….


Comments on: "Science" (9)

  1. Am i really the first person to post something on science

  2. That task was awesome because we had an awesome teacher to help us do it

  3. YES jadeypoo! you are, it was a wonderful experiment!!![:

  4. Good job jadeypoo!!!!

  5. Anyway why did u put ur name as jadeypoo????

  6. because JADEYPOO is sooo CUTE Kisss Kiss

  7. Khyl Aarons and my bread has got MOULD ON IT YES! IT LOOKS PRETTY DISGUSTING THOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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