Learning with and through technologies


Angles and 2D and 3D Shapes

We have ben learning all about the different angles and how to measure them.  We made mazes using all the different angles.  Also we have learned the angles inside 2D shapes.  Now we are onto 3D shapes.




term 2

Week 1-4

Exploroing fraction

Numerators and denominators

Equivalent Fractions

Proper Fractions

Mixed numbers

Lowest Common Denominator

– Extension-

Adding and subtracting fractions

Try these activities at

Study ladder

Comments on: "Maths" (9)

  1. mrs butler what is aarons password for study ladder

  2. Chantelle Maddison said:

    Where is the maths sheet with the different units???

  3. Yasmin Kew said:

    Where are the maths booklet

  4. LIKE Mrs. Butler would tell you Daniel!!!

  5. + I don’t think Aaron wants YOU to KNOW Dan.
    But nice try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Has anyone finished their solid shapes project??

  7. i loved the angle project when we had to make the maze i have so much fun playing with my maze;0

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