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New Homework – TERM 4

What do you think of this term’s homework?   🙂

Homework Weeks 3 and 4

Term 3

Angles worksheets

The answers are on page two of each file so you can check your work.  Don’t look at the answers until you have completed the task.

angles measure


During RTA studies  the homework will be as follows

new homework_term3

Here is the homework for every fortnight.  From now on students will complete this contract and be given a reading comprehension and maths sheet to complete.  I will place the sheets here.

This week’s Homework assignment

Have not been at school to can this week’s homework.  Will post next week.

Mrs B

Migration Assignment

Interview and Oral History Presentation

NEW study ladder tasks…Click below


Comments on: "Homework" (13)

  1. on study ladder my pass word is incorect and i cant get in????? What to do

  2. mrs .b I’ve nearly finished my R.T.A, but it’s tooo sort

  3. paige my pass word dosen’t work as well????

  4. hey mrs butler i done both of my maths sheets and x table practice all in 2 days <3<3<3 maddy :):):):)

  5. Hope we can make more bread :):):)

  6. hopefully with yeast not without!!!!!!!!!

  7. Yah I know that one without yeast looked like… I don’t know what it looked like!

  8. I am posting this comment so i can hopefully get a star + to complete the sheet

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