Learning with and through technologies

My stepdaughter is amazing and always has been.  I have known her since she was thirteen.  Right from an early age she was interested in diverse cultures.  I don’t say “other” cultures because she has always incorporated multiple ways of being into her identity.  At 15 she became a muslim and we had to learn all about wearing the hijab, times she needed to pray and which foods were okay to eat.  She may be a non-practising muslim or just particularly spiritual now, I am not sure because she doesn’t like labels.  But what I have learned the most is the way she connects with people from all over the world and within her community.  She is a staunch defender of social justice.  She lives her principles and does not just argue for equality from the comfortable lounge chair of middle class.  Her thirtieth birthday was populated by people from all over the world as well as indigenous friends.  Lately she has been learning to dance in Bollywood style and is dating a lovely Sikh man.  her latest tweet shows her dancing in this video – uploaded for the world to see.  She is in the back second row middle in green.  Her daughter is learning the dance at the end.  She has no hang-ups (unlike me) about sharing her life with the world.  I am so proud and privileged to have these wonderful people teaching me about being a truly global digital citizen.

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