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Science experiment

What are the best conditions for yeast to be active?

We put sugar water and yeast into three bottles. One had warm water, one had cold and the third had hot water. Over the top of the bottle we put a balloon. Which bottle do you think inflated the balloon?

We put bread under different conditions to see which promoted the best mould growth.
– dark and damp
– light and damp
– dark and dry
-light and dry

Which do you think created the best mould growth?






Comments on: "Science experiment" (16)

  1. I think the one with the warm water would of worked. Because my group Richelle and Aiden discovered that the one with the warm water would inflate and thats because the water would be just the right tempture for the yeast to activate and make a special chemical that eventually will blow the balloon(s). The cold water would be too cold and the yeast won’t work the way its supposed to. If the water is too hot it will kill the yeast.


  2. Looks like you learned quite a bit. Well done Chantelle 🙂

  3. i also learnt that when u add warm water, active dry yeast and sugar its not gd to leave it for 2 long cos if u do it SMELLS!!! 0_o

  4. LOL Paige. I know. Our classroom smelled like a brewery!

  5. the experiment was so fun

  6. james rendell said:

    it smelt really bad:(

  7. but they smelt disgusting!!

    • They did smell disgusting because after a while they start to make the bottle lets smells free and then it would escape from the bottle and make our classroom smell like a brewery

  8. Suzanne R said:

    And anyway I used 2 sit right next to them!!

  9. How do you get hayfever from the experiment

  10. She said to me because of the toxic fumes or something

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